Find, Attract, and Keep Profitable New Customers

Looking to grow your customer base?  Launching a new product line?  Creating an entirely new business unit?   Our extensive toolkit of marketing resources, analytic tools,  and research methods can help you find new sources of revenue and create dynamic lead generation programs.

In addition, our Marketing Automation Quick-Start Program will allow you to rapidly implement a powerful new method of attracting new customers.

Find New Customers

Create a wealth of new sales opportunities by expanding your marketing programs to include new groups of customers. Our Marketing Program Toolkit will help you identify profitable new customer segments, uncover new sales opportunities in your current market, and produce:

  • Better targeted marketing programs,
  • Faster program implementation,
  • Measureable lead generation, and
  • A pathway to leadership in your market.

Is your marketing strategy getting the results you want?  Or is it somehow missing the mark?  Check out our Marketing Strategy Checklist and see if there are any fatal gaps in your marketing strategy.

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Attract More Customers … at Less Cost

Companies using marketing automation experience an average

  • 451% increase in qualified leads and
  • 107% increase in lead-conversion rates.

Make your website a customer magnet with our Marketing Automation Quick Start Program.  Affordable, cost-effective solutions are now available at a fraction of the price you would have had to pay just a few years ago.  We can help you get your own program up and running in just a few weeks without hiring high priced marketing staff or replacing your existing systems.

Our Marketing Automation Quick-Start program will help you:

  • Set up a Marketing Automation System that does not require you to change your CRM.
  • Create sufficient content to have a meaningful program, without overloading your staff.
  • Create effective landing pages that capture contact information for your potential customers and respond promptly to requests for information.
  • Enjoy the benefits of marketing automation without spending a fortune on new software and staff.

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Create Customers-for-Life

Turn your sales leads into customers-for-life with a Customer Retention Program that includes:

  • Customer Insights: Simple research methods designed to uncover unmet customer needs.
  • Customer Engagement: Easy-to-implement online and offline methods to interact with your customer and directly address the issues that matter most to your customers.
  • Customer Dedication: A system for staying on top of customer issues, diagnosing and fixing customer problems in a way that creates loyalty, and positioning your company as the best one to address your customers’ needs

By understanding the deep needs of your customers – beyond price and product features – and addressing those needs in a way that makes the customer feel understood, your marketing programs can have a powerful impact on customer retention.  Contact us if you’d like to chat about how we can help you implement a Customer Retention Program.

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